Michael Bloomberg. Photo: Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Allegations of sexism and gendered workplace harassment are nothing new for Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg: In the past 20 years, Bloomberg’s eponymous business information company has reportedly been hit with nearly 40 discrimination and harassment lawsuits from 64 employees, many of whom contend that he cultivated a boys’ club atmosphere from the top down. On Saturday, a Washington Post investigation resurfaced some of the more damning claims against the 78-year-old and the toxic work environment he allegedly established. The candidate, meanwhile, maintains that he “would not be where [he is] today without the talented women around” him.

“I’ve depended on their leadership, their advice, and their contributions,” Bloomberg tweeted Saturday, in apparent response to the Post’s article. “As I’ve demonstrated throughout my career, I will always be a champion for women in the workplace.”