Share the Love: The Best of LELO’s Valentine’s Day Deals

Whether you choose to call it Galentine’s Day, Palentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is tailor-made for making someone special smile. And, what better way to do so than with a present guaranteed to make them grin – like a LELO!

Here’s your guide to our – limited time – Valentine’s Day 2018 sale:

The Valentine’s Gift of the Year

SONA Cerise

SONA and SONA Cruise were the hottest new products of the  2017, and there’s no sign of their popularity slowing down. They’ve been significantly discounted as part of a special introductory offer, which has been extended especially for Valentine’s Day! If you’re curious about what a sonic massager really feels like, just check out the enthusiastic product reviews of SONA…or even a saucy firsthand account!

The Best of… 30% Off


If you think jewelry is too cliché a gift, yet want to go all out with something gold, then TIANI 24k is the perfect choice. It features two motors – one that vibrates externally for clitoral stimulation, and one for internal vibrations that can be felt on the penis and G-spot – for pleasure you’ll truly share.


There’s a reason why MONA 2 tops so many bestseller lists. It has great rumble-y vibrations and settings from mild-to-strong. It can be used internally or externally, but is particularly nice if someone likes a toy that can be wedged between the labia to cover a bit of surface area. For fans of internal stimulation, MONA 2 have curves perfect for hitting the G-spot.

LUNA Beads Noir

Whether they’re a gift to yourself or for a partner, LUNA Beads Noir are the ultimate discreet little sensual secret. They don’t use batteries or a motor – rather it’s the movement of your own body that cause an internal bead to swirl within. It’s a delicious sensation – that you can enjoy anywhere.

The Best of…20% Off


What can we say about LOKI Wave? It’s the only prostate massager to mimic the ‘come-hither’ motion of a manual massage while also letting the user indulge in some super-sized external vibrations. And, if you’re the type of couple that loves to share, you can pick up a pack of HEX at 20% off – just cover LOKI Wave when using it for prostate massage, then put on a fresh condom to discover how well it works as a rabbit vibe!


From the Insignia collection, SORAYA offers intense, dual-style stimulation to satisfy the highest of standards, and it’s absolutely gorgeous to boot. Its external arm is flexible enough to suit a variety of body types, so it’s the perfect gift for any gal who has exquisite tastes.


The oral-sex-as-a-present joke is tired, so it’s time to get wired with ORA 2. It uses flicks and swirls to simulate oral sex, but oh so much better. It uses SenseTouch to increase in power when you press it against your body, and 1 hour of battery use per charge, you’ll tire out before it does.

If You Really Can’t Decide…

The Intent Gift Set

Let your partner enjoy some serious me-time with The Intent gift set, a beautifully packaged and presented collection of some of LELO’s all-time favorite pleasure objects. Containing the INA 2 dual-stimulating intimate massage for pinpoint pleasure and the sound-responsive SIRI 2 for all out power, as well as 75ml of water-based personal lubricant. As a set you’ll save 41% on the combined retail cost, making  it an incredible gift for a loved one (even if that loved one is yourself)!


Valentine’s can be celebrated in many different ways. You can be spending the night at an expensive restaurant or an expensive hotel, ignoring everything around you in favor of staring into your lover’s eyes. You could be re-watching My Bloody Valentine while sipping on cinnamon-heart infused vodka. Either way, we feel that if there’s one holiday you should celebrate with an orgasm, it’s this one.

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