Sexology On Tap — The science, culture, and history of sex.

SoT is an educational series born in 2015 on a St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl in Manhattan. It spread to a variety of venues around Brooklyn and Manhattan, including the Stonewall Inn and The Waystation, and now Sexology On Tap is landing right here in Columbus.

The core of SoT is scholarly, but each event also brings its share of entertainment, audience interaction, and other shenanigans. We have curated a selection of expert and novice speakers on topics ranging from the the mating behaviors of snakes to reviews fo dinosaur erotica. You never know what you are going to get. Stay tuned for speaker announcements soon!

You can join us for Our First Time for free, but we’ll be passing the hat in support of future endeavors because we’d love to keep this going long and strong!

So join us for our first time- we’ll try to be gentle.

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