5 Daily Habits That Create Mental Stability (Even When Things Get Crazy) – Inc.

I define mentally healthy as being in a place where you are thriving more days than not. This allows permission to have bad days that don’t have to lead to a lousy life. Remaining mentally healthy is a daily goal that you are always working toward. Many habits can help you become mentally healthy, but you have to take action to maintain them.

Take inventory of the type of people you have in your life. Are they negative, do they bring you down, or are they emotional vampires? If so, consider cutting them out of your life or lessen the role they have in your life. You do have control over how much you allow them to be a part of your life. Deal with whatever feelings you have about taking this big step toward freedom.

Set healthy boundaries with people in your life. Boundaries are limits you create for yourself concerning the people in your life. These limits show others how you do not want to be treated. If you don’t set healthy boundaries, you are susceptible to being treated in an unhealthy way. Even if you weren’t taught how to create boundaries, you can learn; it’s never too late. Identify the actions that you don’t like and decide what you want to do differently.

Say no and stop people pleasing. The struggle to say no often comes from a desire to please others. It may not be evident that this is happening, and so it’s important to figure out what leads you to say yes when you want to say no.

If you struggle to say no, consider changing this immediately. If you do not make this change, both you and your relationships will suffer. You can’t be mentally healthy and be a people pleaser.

Create realistic expectations. If you have unrealistic expectations of yourself or others, you will continue to feel disappointment. Try writing out your expectations of yourself and others, and then review your list. How many of these are unrealistic? Now that you have identified these, change them so they are realistic and achievable.

If you begin to implement even one or two of these habits, it will make a difference. Make these a part of your daily routine, and don’t expect immediate results. Over time, the more you do these things, the more significant the impact they will have on your mental health.

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